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Introducing Palm Collective’s range  of puff sleeve dress designs in both short and long lengths. We sell modern and minimalistic womens dresses  in a variety of colours and styles.

Puff sleeves add volume to your shoulders, which in turn makes your hips look smaller.  Puff sleeves can be short or long in length, and the usually have elastic casing hems, to help create that puff volume look.

In a lot of our puff sleeve dresses we use sustainable linen and or rayon. We use heavy duty linen in our  dresses which is very durable and can be machine washed. Linen gives that full volume look for the puff sleeve.  Our rayon fabrics are softer to touch, but don't hold the shape of the puff sleeve as well as the linen.  So for  the relaxed puff sleeve that isn't as noticeable, this is a great option.

Our range of puff sleeve dress styles include short and long lengths, loose fit and fitted, wrap style, A-line and more.