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sustainable fashion brands wholesale

by Annette Corrie 26 Apr 2024

Sustainable Fashion Brands Wholesale

Today, nearly ⅙ of our planet’s population works in the global fashion industry, which is the world’s second-largest polluter. The majority of garment workers are women earning less than $3 per day. In pursuit of healing and progress within the fashion industry,  Palm Collective is leading the way for economic empowerment,  with eco-friendly fabrics and an all-round sustainability-focused business model.
Slow fashion, the alternative to fast fashion and part of what is being called the ‘slow movement’ advocates for good quality, clean environment and fairness for consumers and producers.
See some of our latest sustainable items available for purchase from our online store  or instagram.
If you are a fashion boutique and you are interested in stocking Palm Collective, you can apply for a wholesale account here. 

Palm Collective Offers Sustainable Fashion Brands Wholesale

Here at Palm Collective we believe in the ‘slow fashion movement’  which is about wearing or purchasing clothing that not only uses high-quality fabrics that will stand the test of time,  but purchasing a design that you will still ‘love’ years after your purchase.

We believe sustainable design is about the cut of a garment and how flattering it is to wear.  It’s not the latest fad trend, but something that you can pull out and wear years from now, and still get ‘compliments’.

Palm Collective advocates ethical and sustainable practices through our design process, fabric selection, manufacturing activities, and packaging choices.

We are please to be able to offer sustainable wholesale clothing options to our boutiques and stockists.

We offer a limited number of wholesale opportunities for boutique collaborations across Australia + Internationally.

If you have a boutique or online store that screams sustainable island vibes then we would love to hear from you!

Please fill out the form HERE  with the following details so we can get a feel for your vibe….


More About Us

Our focus is on the ‘slow fashion’ movement that encompasses ethical practices together with eco-friendly fabrics, and long-lasting high-quality design. Each collection is curated for the island nomadic life and encompasses a sun-kissed, free-spirited, modern bohemian vibe. Connect with us on socials to follow our journey.
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